Webinar The European Investigation Order in practice: challenges for practitioners, 5 decembrie 2018, 2:00:00 PM CET – 3:30:00 PM CET

The “The European Investigation Order in practice: challenges for practitioners” webinar will provide a better understanding of the current landscape of EU cross- border gathering of evidence (Mutual Legal Assistance and Mutual Recognition) and the perspectives and challenges offered by the Directive on the European Investigation Order (EIO). To advise on what relates those main changes with the EIO Directive in order to raise awareness among practitioners on practical questions that may arise regarding rights and obligations of the issuing and executing Member State. How to facilitate the use of the EIO in practice when asking for some investigative measures in another Member State (examples and standard form).


Judges and prosecutors, preferably those involved or to be involved in judicial cooperation in criminal matters or cross-border investigations and prosecutions.

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